And It Don’t Stop

I think today I’m gonna spend my time

At the journal writing funky rhymes

The kind that you inhale through your nostrils

Maybe I will hold back the frills and thrills

Nope. I just can’t do it that way

I’m touch much of an M.C. this day

The pen has a mind of its own

That girl, MoHagani is in a zone


In a world of change

What you need is some G.A.M.E.

To get two dollars to your name

Never write a rhyme the same

No one has time for that shit

When they are to busy reading this

There is never a shortage of poetry

To write with passion and a touch of sultry


Long live the art of seduction

Like a sweet balsamic reduction

Over vanilla ice cream

Oh, I hope you know what I mean

I’m just saying’

This is real, ain’t no playing

On the schoolyard at recess

My only goal is to be the best

M.C. to walk the face of earth

The clouds open as a sign at my birth


Mark, a stained spot on the soil

Maybe what you need is olive oil

To help the lyric go down easily

Like it or love it you won’t please me

I have a pad and a pen

To write another fresh rap again.

Breaker, Breaker One-Nine

That Magnetek girl is so fine

She turn heads like a train wreck

Make them take note to not forget


And if they are blind and don’t get it

They will suffer and regret it

For sleeping on me thier Mistress of Ceremonies

Pass the hat and collect my monies

For an awesome sermon on the hill

Steadily I’m giving you what I feel

Raw uncut straight from the heart

The weak should shake the scene and depart


Whenever Magnetek is on stage

Taking all the spot light, soaking up rays

From the sun meanwhile

Just know I’m the golden child

With the gift of gab

If you think, then don’t cause you won’t last

If you can’t stand and think fast

As I run circles around when I pass


I told you twice

I’m just that nice

Sliding across the ice,

Leave you standing on writer’s block

I told you once, I don’t stop.

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