About Magnetek Last Night

Last night at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts I rocked the Arctic Entries: Season 9 crowd like a bag of Lays Sour Cream & Onion potato chips stuck in a busted vending machine.

In my Wonder Woman regalia I had the sound man play some Last Poets “Blessed Are Those Who Struggle” intro theme music for me before I took over the mic. I shared my story of why I chained myself to a muthafuckin’ tree in September 2017. The 700 people in attendance didn’t faze me one bit as I expressed my true story with energy, humor and passion. I totally took a negative experience and made it a positive one by sharing it with the universe.

I appreciate all you good people that showed your love and support. The show will air on the KSKA 91.1 FM February 13, 2018. I think 7:00 pm.

On Another Note:
Get ready for my next post, the world premiere of my new song and video:
“One Too Many Apartment Ninjas”

-M.C. MoHagani Magnetek

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